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In the News

- Microsoft Kills Kodiak Exchange Server
- Microsoft Extends Product Support to 10 Years

==== In the News ====

by Paul Thurrott, [email protected]

Microsoft Kills Kodiak Exchange Server

In a surprise move, Microsoft revealed yesterday that the company plans to kill the next major version of Microsoft Exchange Server, code-named Kodiak, and will instead plot a future course of smaller upgrades to Exchange Server 2003. These upgrades will, over time, comprise what would have made up the feature set for Kodiak, which Microsoft originally planned to release in 2005.
"We're actually going to stop using the Kodiak name," Microsoft Corporate Vice President David Thompson said. "But there is a set of things that we're still working on and that we will announce in steps. The next major technology, Exchange Server Edge Services, will come next year." Another Kodiak technology, the Microsoft SQL Server-based data store, will probably be postponed until the next major Exchange Server version, now due in the 2006 to 2007 time frame.
In addition, Microsoft announced the immediate availability of Exchange Server 2003 Service Pack (SP1), the first major bundled set of security fixes for that product. SP1 also includes the Intelligent Message Filter SmartScreen Technology for filtering spam, an updated antivirus API, and several new administration tools. For more information about the service pack and for the free download, visit the Microsoft Web site.

Microsoft Extends Product Support to 10 Years

Microsoft announced yesterday that the company will expand its product-support life cycle to a minimum of 10 years for its business and developer products, extending the support for many of its products by at least 2 years. With this announcement, which the company made at the Microsoft TechEd 2004 trade show in San Diego, Microsoft says it hopes to make its product-support time line more predictable to meet the changing needs of its business customers.
"Both the original and updated Microsoft support life-cycle policy were the result of the company's dedication to continually listening and acting on customer needs," Microsoft Corporate Vice President Andrew Lees said. "We have heard our customers' requests and are quickly expanding and enhancing the policy to provide a minimum total of 10 years of support for business and developer products."
Under the terms of the new support policy for business and developer products, Microsoft will provide at least 5 years of mainstream support after the date of general availability or 2 years past the release of the next version of the product, whichever is longer. Thus, customers will always have a minimum of 2 years to migrate to the next version.
The product-support extension will immediately benefit two high-profile products. With the release of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 slipping from mid-2004 to mid-2005, support for the earlier version, SQL Server 2000, would have ended before many customers had a chance to upgrade. And customers would have faced the same problem with Windows XP, which shipped in 2001 and won't see a major upgrade until Longhorn, the next major version of Windows, ships sometime in 2006. Now, users of both products will have time to plot their migrations, even if both upgrades suffer further delays.
Microsoft's new support policy applies to currently available business and developer products that are still in their mainstream support phases. But the new policy doesn't apply to the company's consumer, multimedia, or hardware products, Microsoft says.

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