WinInfo Daily UPDATE, March 4, 2003


As expected, the licensing and pricing for Windows Server 2003 is identical to that of Windows 2000, Microsoft announced yesterday. According to the company, four editions of the new server product will ship April 24, including Windows 2003 Web Edition, Windows 2003 Standard Edition, Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition, and Windows 2003 Datacenter Edition. Microsoft will price each of these editions identically to equivalent Win2K editions. Web Edition will cost just $400.

Microsoft has long held that pricing for the new product would be in line with pricing of its existing products. "Given the environment of late, and the fact that some people perceive us as being bad people, we're not going to add fuel to the fire," Brian Valentine, senior vice president of the Windows Division, told reporters last summer. "So you can assume that the pricing of Windows Server 2003 will be about the same as Windows 2000."

Pricing for Windows 2003 Standard Edition starts at about $1000 with 5 Client Access Licenses (CALs); the Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition, with 25 CALs, starts at about $4000. The low-cost Windows 2003 Web Edition ($400) doesn't require CALs but won't be available through many retail channels; customers will generally acquire the product bundled with server and blade hardware. Windows 2003 Datacenter Edition has no list price because it's available only with select hardware from close Microsoft partners. The cost of CAL packs and Connector licenses, which enterprises use to license external users who hit Windows Server services from outside the network, are unchanged, Microsoft says. For more information about Windows 2003 pricing, visit the Microsoft Web site.

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