Windows XP Beta 2: The Countdown Begins

With less than 2 weeks until the release of Windows XP Beta 2, it's time to get ready for the most exciting release of Windows since Windows 95. As you might know, WinInfo Daily UPDATE's companion site, the SuperSite for Windows, has been a strong resource for upcoming Microsoft OS releases since its debut in 1998. Thanks to a month of hands-on access to pre-Beta 2 builds and exclusive behind-the-scenes discussions and interviews with top Microsoft executives and engineers, I'm ready to unleash an unprecedented amount of content about Windows XP to both WinInfo Daily UPDATE and the SuperSite. And it's all just waiting for the release of Beta 2, which is expected in mid-March.
When that day comes, I'll publish several articles in WinInfo Daily UPDATE and the following articles on the SuperSite for Windows:

   - Updated FAQs for both Windows XP and Whistler Server--The continually copied but never duplicated Whistler FAQ is expanded into separate FAQs for Windows XP and Whistler Server.

   - Technology Showcase: Windows XP UI Gallery--You'll find more than 100 up-to-date images, including recent changes to the Windows XP UI.

   - Technology Showcase: Windows XP Home Edition vs. Professional Edition--Not sure which one makes more sense for you? Read this exhaustive comparison.

   - Technology Showcase: Windows XP Software and Hardware Compatibility--Discover how Windows XP plays nice with applications and hardware, providing a "no-excuses" upgrade for all users.

   - Technology Showcase: Deploying Windows XP--This article explores the typical Windows XP PC, interactive setup, the Windows XP Out-of-Box Experience, Dynamic Update, and automated installations.

   - Technology Showcase: Windows XP Home Features--Discover new digital music and video features, such as Windows Media Player 8 (WMP8) and Windows Movie Maker 1.1; Internet Explorer (IE) 6; digital imaging and photography; and other features that "just work."

  - Technology Showcase: Windows XP Manageability and Supportability--The article discusses the home- and corporate-oriented features in Windows XP that make it more manageable and supportable, such as Resultant Set of Policies (RsoP), Windows Media 8 (WM8) features for the enterprise, PC Health, recovery tools, and much more.

   - Technology Showcase: Windows XP Wireless Networking and Home Networking--Windows XP will make it easier than ever to work with wireless networks and home networks. Find out how this release makes networking simpler for home and power users alike.

   - Review: Windows XP Home and Professional Editions, Beta 2--Discover Windows XP Home Edition and Professional Edition Beta 2, both in clean- and upgrade-install scenarios. Is it really the ultimate desktop Windows? Find out in this comprehensive review.

   - Review: Whistler Server Beta 2--A rare look at Whistler's server side, which both Microsoft and the media have downplayed. Find out whether this release will provide a compelling upgrade to Windows 2000 Server.

But the in-depth examination of Windows XP doesn't stop there. In the weeks after the Windows XP Beta 2 release, I'll examine other technologies associated with this exciting release, including WMP8, Remote Desktop and Remote Assistance, automated installation improvements, Whistler piracy features, and more. And let me know what you'd like to see covered that isn't mentioned here. Now's the time to ask.

Do you want to be eXPerienced? You know where to turn.

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