Windows Vista February CTP Imminent

Microsoft will announce today that it has finalized the Windows Vista February 2006 Community Technology Preview (CTP), which it will provide to beta testers. The February CTP, or build 5308, is the first feature-complete version of Windows Vista to be released to testers.

The Vista February CTP was originally scheduled for release on February 17, but an x64 driver bug delayed the release until this week. Vista team members reportedly worked around the clock for the past week to ensure that this build is of the highest possible quality. In addition to numerous new features, the February CTP will feature dramatically improved driver support, and new deployment tools than the previous CTP, which shipped in December 2005.

Last weekend, Microsoft inadvertently posted documents to its Web site describing various Windows Vista product editions. These product editions correspond to the product editions I first wrote about in September 2005. According to my sources, the February CTP might be made available in various editions. Previously, Microsoft released just the Vista Ultimate edition to testers.

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