Windows Server 2012 peeks its head over the wall

Microsoft provided a first look-see at Windows Server 2012 at WPC this week. We’ve been hearing all about Windows 8 Client, so it’s good to finally know something, even if it is very brief, about the successor to Windows Server 2008 R2. At the moment it looks as though Windows Server 2012 will RTM at the same time that Windows 8 Client does.

The focus, at this stage, is on the updates to Hyper-V – ostensibly to provide support for Microsoft’s increasing focus on the private cloud. The heavily promoted feature at this stage is Hyper-V Replica. Hyper-V Replica allows you to replicate your VMs from one Windows Server 2012 host to another. I’m guessing that this will be some sort of block level replication, but at this stage we’ll have to wait until Build to get more info on this product.

Windows Server 2012 apparently has 100 new features, most of which we’ll probably find out about over the coming months. I’m hoping that we might see a public beta at around the same time that Windows 8 Client goes into public beta – mostly because while the client stuff gets all the attention, the server stuff is actually more interesting.

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