Windows NT Workstation surpasses 15 million users

Microsoft Corporation announced this week that its Windows NT Workstation operating system has surpassed the 15 million user mark as sales continue to "skyrocket" in 1998. According to Microsoft, customers are purchasing almost 200 Windows NT Workstation licenses every hour, and sales have increased 36% in the past seven months.

"We are seeing a new round of customer acceptance and deployment of Windows NT Workstation on the standard business desktop," said Yusuf Mehdi, director of marketing for Windows. "With the maturing of hardware device support and a notable increase in PC makers preinstalling Windows NT Workstation, it's never been more clear that Windows NT Workstation is the business desktop of choice."

Microsoft also announced a new tool this week that will help hardware manufacturers easily install NT Workstation on multiple computers. Dubbed the System Preparation Tool, it will be available later this year

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