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Windows Media Player 6.0 not all its cracked up to be

I've gotten a lot of feedback from readers about the Media Player 6.0 release, most of it bad. It turns out that this odd, quiet release from Microsoft is somehow tied to DirectX 6.0 and that it actually removes, rather than adds, some functionality. WUGNET's Joel Diamond was nice enough to provide the following information:

  • Media Player 6.0 removes support for MP3 file playback, which was included (and heavily touted) in Media Player 5.0.

  • Common GPFs caused by MPEG and AVI playback are significantly reduced.

  • MP 6 completely corrupts all file associations in Registry with previous clients (WinAmp, MidiGate, etc.)

  • Real Player G2 Player was displaced by MP 6.0.

  • Several previously-existing encoders are no longer available, including Indeo 5.0.
What we're looking at is an odd, odd release from the folks in Redmond. My recommendation right now is to avoid this release and stick with 5.2
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