Windows CE 2.0 announced

As expected, Microsoft officially announced Windows CE 2.0 today. The latest version of Microsoft's small footprint OS includes support for Intel 486 and Pentium processors and 32-bit color. It also exploits something called demand paging, which programs that are larger than a system's available RAM to execute correctly.

Other enhancements to Windows CE 2.0 include:

  • Unicode support
  • TrueType font support
  • Printing support
  • Networking connectivity with Win32 file sharing
  • Windows Internet APIs
  • Pocket Internet Explorer 4.0, with support for HTML 3.2, frames, tables, and cookies.
  • Improved user interface with cascading menus
Unlike the first generation, which targeted only handheld PCs, Windows CE devices include TV set-top boxes, DVD players, game consoles, smart phones, highly portable and personal computing devices like existing Handheld PCs, and home appliances. Other uses for CE 2.0 include traditional embedded applications such as process monitoring and control, instrumentation, data collection, computer peripherals, office equipment, point-of-sale devices, and telecommunications.

For more information, please visit the Windows CE home page

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