Windows 98 Resource Kit due June 15

Microsoft Press announced on Monday that the final version of the Windows 98 Resource Kit will be available beginning June 15. A "Beta" version of the Kit is currently available in bookstores. The Windows 98 Resource Kit is an essential technical guide for systems administrators and other MIS professionals responsible for supporting Microsoft Windows 98. Created by the Microsoft Windows 98 product development team, it's also the ideal under-the-hood guide for power users who want to experiment with configuration details like the FAT32 file system, point-to-point tunneling protocol (PPTP) and the IEEE 1394 bus for PC-based control of VCRs, stereos and other devices. With more than 50 tools, utilities and accessory software on the accompanying CD-ROM, this single-volume reference is the most complete source for professional-level information about Microsoft Windows 98 available

The Windows 98 Resource Kit will cost $69.99. Microsoft Press will also be releasing its usual bewildering range of titles for Windows 98, including "Windows 98 Step by Step," "Windows 98 Field Guide," 'Quick Course in Microsoft Windows 98," "Windows 98 Companion," "Windows 98 at a Glance," "Running Microsoft Windows 98," and the multimedia CD-ROM training title "Microsoft Windows 98 Starts Here." All of these titles will be available beginning June 5, except the CD-ROM, which is due June 20

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