Windows 98, NT 5 release dates revealed?

Though Microsoft is denying it, a company close to the Redmond giant has revealed the ship dates for Windows 98 and Windows NT 5.0, two of the most eagerly awaited software offerings since Windows 95. Phoenix Technologies officials confirmed on Wednesday that Windows 98 would be launched on May 28, while NT 5.0 is expected in the first quarter of 1999. The revelation came during the Tapei technology seminar in Taiwan.

Microsoft's Phil Holder wasn't amused by the "announcement," however, saying that the comments were simply "rumors and speculation."

"We haven't set the launch dates internally yet. I wish we had; then I could finalize some of my plans," he said. Holden is part of the team at Microsoft that will plan the Windows 98 launch event. "We will not set a final ship date for NT 5.0 until we get solid feedback from beta testers. Unfortunately, all this is pure speculation.

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