Windows 98 hits the million unit milestone

Microsoft Corporation announced on Thursday that Windows 98, the latest version of its consumer operating system for PC-compatible computers, has sold over one million units since its debut on June 25. The sales reflect only those units sold in North America, however. The company also noted that product-satisfaction surveys reveal that customer satisfaction with Windows 98 is high, despite numerous contrary stories in the press: 9 out of 10 Windows 98 home users state that they are satisfied with the product, as measured by Telecommunications Research Group (TRG), an independent market research firm.

"It's nice to see Windows 98 off to such a great start," said Microsoft VP Brad Chase. "Delivering a high quality product that provides customers with the best possible upgrade experience is our top priority, and we are happy to report that calls to technical support are approximately half of what we experienced with Windows 95."

Retail outlet CompUSA echoed the sentiments.

"When the product launched three weeks ago, we were thrilled with the enthusiastic response from our customers," said Larry Mondry, executive VP of merchandizing for CompUSA. "Three weeks later, sales continue to exceed our expectations, and our customers report being very satisfied with Windows 98.

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