Windows 98 Easter Egg revealed!

I hate to ruin the surprise this early, but what the heck. Don't read this if you'd like to try and discover it for yourself. I will say up front that the secret to the Windows 98 Easter Egg is its code-named, Memphis: There are two cities named Memphis, one in Egypt and one in the United States. OK, here's the Windows 98 Easter Egg:

Open Date/Time Properties by double-clicking the clock on the Windows 98 taskbar. Go to the Time Zone tab. Hold down SHIFT+CTRL+ALT on your keyboard and click the cursor on Memphis in Egypt (don't release it), then drag the mouse over to Memphis, Tennessee in the United States. Now release the mouse button. Re-press the SHIFT+CTRL+ALT keys and then re-press the mouse button and drag to Redmond, Washington, home of the Microsoft campus. Now enjoy the Easter Egg!

By the way, I can't help you out with the geography, so please don't ask!


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