Windows 98 to debut this Spring

Windows 98 release candidate "0" is due to be released to testers as early as next week, with an April release-to-manufacturing (FTM) date expected. This would get Windows 98 into stores by May. The weekly rag is also reporting that the latest revision to Windows 98, code-named "Memphis," includes some interesting new features. The TV Broadcast Architecture feature is now known as "WebTV for Windows," and Microsoft will be reducing OEM fees for Windows 98 so that hardware manufacturers can afford to bundle compatible hardware. Using WebTV for Windows and the right video card, users can view television and cable stations with their computers and access a programmable channel guide.

One interesting note: should Windows 98 make the April deadline, Microsoft will still be bound by its preliminary injunction that prohibits it from forcing hardware manufacturers to bundle Internet Explorer with Windows. A Department of Justice official said that exactly how Microsoft implements features in the new OS will determine whether Windows 98 is covered by the injunction. Microsoft feels that the court of appeals may clear the issue up by then

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