Windows 8.1 Will Come Bundled with Skype (and other things)

Windows 8.1 Will Come Bundled with Skype (and other things)

Those that tested recent builds of Windows 8.1 saw the Skype integration, and it's been rumored for some time that Skype would become just another standard Windows application.

Today, Microsoft has taken to the web to officially announce that Skype will, indeed, be bundled with Windows 8.1 giving calls, texts, video and instant messages a prominent place in the updated operating system.

Microsoft suggests that today's blog post is one of an upcoming series to highlight the apps and services that have become part of the standard Windows experience.

Read the full post: Everything you need, right from (the) Start


What else will be included in Windows 8.1 as standard?

The web series Microsoft is proposing will highlight each of the components listed out in the Infographic below, so you can get a preview of what is to come.

Included with Windows 8.1
Compiled By: Microsoft

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