Windows 2000 tops 1 million after only 30 days

Microsoft Corporation announced Tuesday night that its latest business operating system--Windows 2000 Professional, Server, and Advanced Server--has surpassed sales of 1 million units since it went on sale in February, less than one month ago. Microsoft says that the sales estimate doesn't include large customers that have acquired numerous licenses to Windows 2000. Instead, the sales figures come from channel resellers, retail stores, and PC manufacturers only. In another bit of good news for the fledgling operating system, Microsoft says that support calls for Windows 2000 are the lowest for any of the company's OSes to date. The company says that this indicates that customers are having an incredibly positive experience with Windows 2000.

"We are thrilled with the tremendous customer response to the Windows 2000 platform," said Microsoft president and CEO Steve Ballmer. "Reaching 1 million units so quickly is testimony to the high quality and reliability of Windows 2000. This is a product that was built from the ground up with the help and support of customers and industry partners. It's great to see them thoroughly evaluating the platform in their environments and deploying it throughout their organizations today."

According to Microsoft, the volume of support calls it has received for Windows 2000 compared to the number of units sold is extremely low. In addition to the quality of the OS, Microsoft says that the right kind of customer is purchasing Windows 2000, business users, rather than consumers. And the business customers that have already purchased Windows 2000 took advantage of the lengthy beta cycle to properly evaluate the product and plan for deployment

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