Windows 2000 delayed again

According to Microsoft, the company has now officially delayed the release of Windows 2000 from mid-1999 to late 1999 or even, God forbid, early 2000. Microsoft will be able to easily side-step the delays with its official concern that companies be able to perform Year 2000 testing, but this latest round of delays has to make one wonder.

What's wrong with Windows 2000?

Ed Muth, Microsoft's group product manager for enterprise marketing, says that the next release candidate (RC) for Windows 2000 Beta 3 will be released in March (RC 0 was released in December). This makes a February Beta 3 date impossible and effectively eliminates any hope for a mid-1999 launch of Windows 2000. Muth refuses to discuss any possible dates for the final release, though he suggested April as a likely Beta 3 date.

To answer my own rhetorical question, the problem is obviously feature bloat. This is what happens when you promise too much too soon. I suspect that there are many people out there just wondering why NT 4.5 never happened

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