Where is Edge in Windows Server 2016

Where is Edge in Windows Server 2016

Q. Why is Edge not in Windows Server 2016 Server with Desktop Experience?

A. There are three deployment modes of Windows Server 2016

  • Nano Server
  • Server Core
  • Server with Desktop Experience

Nano Server follows the CBB (Current Branch for Business) update model where there will be new builds a couple of times a year while Server Core and Server with Desktop Experience use the LTSB (Long Term Servicing Branch) which is the more traditional model being updated every few years with a new versions and a 5+5 year support mode.

In Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB Edge along with the Windows Store and universal applications were removed as they update frequently via the Internet which breaks the idea of an LTSB. Because Server with Desktop Experience is an LTSB deployment is follows the same rules and also has Edge, Windows Store etc removed. 

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