What's Rendom.exe?

A. Windows 2000 domains, trees, and forests have several limitations, the biggest of which are

  • You can't change the DNS or NetBIOS name of a domain
  • You can't move a domain within a tree or forest

Windows Server 2003 will include a new utility named Rendom that will address many of these limitations. For example, rendom.exe will let you change both the DNS and NetBIOS name and move domains within the forest.

The tool operates in a 3-stage process:

  1. The /list switch creates an XML file with the current forest structure.
  2. The /prepare switch edits the XML file to the desired structure, then runs the file on each domain controller (DC) to ensure the DCs are ready.
  3. The /upload switch uploads the new structure.

To use the utility, you must ensure that all DCs in the forest are running Windows 2003 and that the forest functionality mode is at least Windows .NET. Additional information about Rendom is available at the Microsoft Web site.

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