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What's Hot: Products From NetSupport, Ceratec, Faronics, and Microsoft

Readers recommend best products

Remotely Control Users' Desktops

NetSupport's NetSupport Manager

NetSupport Manager from NetSupport combines PC remote control with desktop management functionality. The software lets you watch, share, and control the screen, keyboard, and mouse of a workstation regardless of color resolution, network protocol, or OS. You can also use the audio functions on multimedia-capable PCs to talk to users over the network, dial-up, or Internet. You can also gain real-time information about the hardware and software installed on the target workstation with the click of a button, without having to leave your seat. You can use the scan function to monitor exactly what is happening on your networked workstations and servers and to see what users are doing. NetSupport Manager also features the ability to transfer and manipulate files between workstations using drag technology. You can synchronize directories on two workstations or edit files and attributes directly. NetSupport Manager supports Windows, Linux, Pocket PC, and Macintosh systems.

Robert Hayward of Arlington, Virginia, provides high praise for NetSupport Manager. He says, "I'm using NetSupport Manager to remotely manage my network. It has saved me hours of travel time that I used to spend visiting different desktops and servers. Now that I'm using NetSupport Manager, I can't live without it."

Reader Robert Hayward
Arlington, Virginia
Product NetSupport Manager
Company NetSupport
Contact, 770-205-4456, 888-665-0808

Eliminate Spam

Ceratec's XWall

XWall from Ceratec is spam-protection software that operates in front of the Exchange server. The software doesn't modify your Exchange server but uses Relay Black List (RBL) services and learning filters to impact spam. Features include a heuristic filter, a command line virus interface, daily detailed audit logs with automatic recycle option, email archiving, the ability to add disclaimers to all your outgoing messages, flexible routing or disposal of identified spam, real-time recipient verification, and the ability to compress messages to reduce bandwidth.

Cathy Basham of Shreveport, Louisiana, uses XWall. She says, "We have used XWall for about a year. It's a wonderful product that keeps our email safe from viruses, etc. Spam (comprising about 75 to 85 percent of all email sent to us) just doesn't make it into our organization because XWall does all the work to eliminate it!" Pricing for a single license of XWall is $398, which covers an Exchange or mail server. There isn't a limit to the number of accounts or users you have. A license of XWall ISP Edition, which covers one installation with the capability of forwarding mail to different Exchange servers, is $1299.

Reader Cathy Basham
Shreveport, Louisiana
Product XWall
Company Ceratec
Contact, 512-285-2620

Protect Original Configurations

Faronics's Deep Freeze

Faronics's Deep Freeze protects and preserves original computer configurations. Completely invulnerable to hacking, Deep Freeze makes it easier to manage and maintain your computing environment. Each restart eradicates all changes and resets the computer to its original state. You can use Deep Freeze to protect one, hundreds, or thousands of computers across a distributed LAN, WAN, or over the Internet. Deep Freeze can restore all settings, files, and programs to original configurations. End users avoid the frustration of downtime due to software conflicts, registry and OS corruption, virus attack, lost network and Internet connections, printer inaccessibility, and many other problems. Deep Freeze is available in a standard, professional, and enterprise edition.

Larry Coolidge of San Luis Obispo, California, recommends Deep Freeze as a top product. He says, "We've started using Deep Freeze in our computer labs here at CalPoly to keep the students from messing up the computers. Deep Freeze enables administrative privileges so that all of the finicky programs run but won't allow any changes. When the system is rebooted, Deep Freeze reverts back to the original image state." Contact Faronics for pricing.

Reader Larry Coolidge
San Luis Obispo, California
Product Deep Freeze
Company Faronics
Contact, 800-943-6422

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