What's the difference between manual and fast recovery in Windows 2000?

A. Windows 2000 has two options when performing recovery, fast or manual.

When you select manual you have a number of options:

  • Inspect startup environment
    (checks existence of boot.ini and the ARC paths therin)
  • Verify Windows 2000 system files
    (performs a cyclic redundancy check (CRC) on the core boot/system files except ntbootdd.sys)
  • Inspect Boot Sector
    (repairs active system partition boot sector and reinstalls boot loaded functionality)

If you select FAST repair it performs all of the above and additionally tries to load each Windows 2000 registry file (SAM, SECURITY, SYSTEM, and SOFTWARE). If a registry file is damaged or cannot be loaded, Repair copies the missing or corrupted registry file from the %SystemRoot%\Repair folder to the %SystemRoot%\System32\Config folder.

Because it may restore old registry backup files it may revert your installation back to an older configuration and if this happens you will need to manually restore a more up-to-date system state backup.

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