What tools are available for monitoring or changing replication?

A. To monitor or change replication, you must use the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) Active Directory Sites and Services snap-in. This tool lets you view, create, or delete connection objects. Other tools you can use include the Microsoft Windows 2000 Resource Kit’s Repadmin and Replmon tools.

Repadmin is a command-line tool that lets you check replication consistency (e.g., for a Knowledge Consistency Checker—KCC—recalculation). The switch /showreps displays a list of replication partners, as well as reasons for problems. The invocation ID is the database globally unique ID (GUID).

When you use Repadmin with the switch /showreps, you’ll see text such as the following.

D:\&gt;repadmin /showreps<br>
DSA Options : IS_GC<br>
objectGuid  : 221d9d34-540e-4a7b-bd26-054c11e2d1ad<br>
invocationID: 221d9d34-540e-4a7b-bd26-054c11e2d1ad<br><br>
==== INBOUND NEIGHBORS ======================================<br><br>
London\TITUS via RPC<br>
objectGuid: 2000eb93-cc24-4af7-9ad2-c52129c98c7a<br>
Last attempt @ 1999-12-06 20:32.20 failed, result 8524:<br>
Can't retrieve message string 8524 (0x214c), error 1815.<br>
Last success @ 1999-09-17 20:53.45.<br>
463 consecutive failure(s).<br>
London\TRINITY via RPC<br>
objectGuid: df3694d2-b4e9-4d9a-a560-3e8c26c48a89<br>
Last attempt @ 1999-12-06 20:32.21 failed, result 8524:

The switch /showmeta shows object information, version numbers, and other information. When you use this switch, you’ll see text such as the following.

C:\&gt;repadmin /showmeta cn=garfield,DC=savtech,DC=com<br><br>
45 entries.<br><br>
Loc.USN	Originating DSA	Org.USN	Org.Time/Date	Ver	Attribute<br>
=======	============	=======	===========	===	======<br>
99649	London\MORPHEUS	99649	1999-12-08 09:50.10	1	objectClass<br>
99649	London\MORPHEUS	99649	1999-12-08 09:50.10	1	cn<br>
99650	London\MORPHEUS	99650	1999-12-08 09:50.10	1	description<br>
99649	London\MORPHEUS	99649	1999-12-08 09:50.10	1	givenName<br>
99649	London\MORPHEUS	99649	1999-12-08 09:50.10	1	instanceType 

Replmon is a GUI tool you can use to display and monitor replication status on domain controllers (DCs).

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