What IT Says and What Microsoft Hears

Microsoft technologies and your concerns

Everybody has seen the Far Side cartoon that shows what you say and what your dog hears ("blah, blah, blah, FOOD, blah, blah, blah, WALK..."). Although Microsoft has become pretty good about soliciting and acting on its customers' feedback, I always think of that cartoon when the company releases new products or technologies. Clearly Microsoft hears its customers, but does it always hear what you really say?
My Hey Microsoft column in Windows IT Pro has been my attempt to take your questions and concerns to the product developers at Microsoft and get them to respond and see if they really hear you. I've also been interested to see whether new versions of products address any of the issues you've raised.
I decided to start this blog because I'm always talking to Microsoft and getting briefed on stuff, but there's never enough space in the magazine to cover it all. Then I thought a blog might also give me the opportunity to get your comments on things I'm learning from Microsoft in a closer-to-real-time fashion than surveys allow.
So, I'll tell you about stuff I find out, and I invite and encourage you to tell me what you think, want, and need. I'll take your input back to Microsoft, but better yet, they can just read this blog, too. :-)
This week is a busy week for me. Yesterday, I talked with the Visual Studio Team System (VSTS) group about the Dynamic Systems Initiative (DSI) and why they think IT pros (not just developers) should be using VSTS and working more closely with developers in their company.
This interview will be part of an article I'm writing for the March issue of Windows IT Pro about all the new System Center products and how they implement the tenets of DSI. Also for this article, I'm talking today to another DSI person, and on Friday I have an interview with the VP responsible for the System Center products and DSI. So let me know if you have any questions or issues you want me to raise.
On Thursday, I'll be recording a podcast about the new Forefront for Client product and talking about Vista security. A long-time reader and friend, Michael Dragone, has already given me a few questions he'd like me to ask, and I'd love to take more reader questions with me to this meeting. The podcast will launch on January 29, after the big Vista launch event in New York.
On Friday, I'm also talking to the Exchange group about a new tool they're releasing. I don't know much about it yet, but I'll keep you posted.
Well, this is a long first entry, and I have to get to work! Welcome to the blog. I hope this will be a very interactive conversation with you!

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