Welcome to Windows NT Magazine!

Welcome to Windows NT Magazine!

About a year ago, we went searching for a magazine about Windows NT As an IS Manager, I needed some relevant information to help me decide whether or not we should adopt this new platform. I needed more than news and case studies; I needed some practical, how-to information written for IS professionals. We couldn't find what we were looking for, so we decided to leverage our computer publication expertise and create a magazine focused on The Next Wave of Enterprise Computing- Windows NT Magazine.

We've spent the last nine months soliciting input from thousands of professionals like you. We've taken your feedback and used it to set the direction of this magazine. First, you told us to keep an independent view of this platform-the good, the bad, and the ugly. You told us to focus on Windows NT as an emerging enterprise solution. Contrary to some tabloids, Windows NT is not Windows; it is designed to handle business-critical problems. You also told us that Windows NT is only part of your solution. You've got UNIX, minicomputers, mainframes, DOS, Windows, Windows 95, and everything else. We need to help you make NT work well with all of it.

Most importantly, you asked us to make your lives easier. To that end, we've included product information: test drives, lab-based evaluations, and comparative reviews. We realize you don't have the time to review all of the products yourself, so we've created a lab testing facility. We're willing to stick our necks out by making "Editor's Choice" selections from an IS professional's point of view. These are the types of "bet the business" decisions you make every day.

Each month you'll find information on application development migration strategies, network administration, Windows NT Workstation, Windows NT Server, product reviews, tricks & traps, and much more. For ISVS, we take an inside look at Microsofrs Solution Provider program. outlining the opportunities in this rapidly growing market.

We want to hear from you. Each month you'll find a reader survey in the magazine asking for your opinions on current and future articles. We also encourage you to talk to your peers and our authors in one of our two forums on CompuServe (NTWORK, NTSERVE). And we've set up an Internet Web site (http://www.winntmag.com) with several areas for you to give us your feedback and get additional information. Finally, every author and editor has included an email address so you can tell them what you think directly. Your input will set the future direction of this magazine.

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