Web study: Windows 98 usage surpasses Windows 95

According to market surveyor StatMarket, which monitors over 25 million visitors daily to over 79,000 independently operated Web sites, Microsoft Windows 98 has surpassed Windows 95 to become the most popular operating system for browsing the Web. Almost 50% of Web users are using Windows 98, while 41.44% are using Windows 95 and 3.04% are using Windows NT. In fact, when you tally all of the Windows operating systems together, they are responsible for nearly 95% of all Web browsing. The Macintosh came in a distant fourth with 2.47% while WebTV (1.88%), Windows 3.x (1.05%), Linux (0.20%), Sun Solaris/SunOS (0.09%), and OS/2 (0.01%) brought up the rear.

Seeing Windows dominate the usage list isn't unexpected but even StatMarket questioned the low score for Linux, which has between 8 and 20 million active users.

"Linux Online reports that there are 8 million users worldwide, of which 41,314 are registered," the report states. "60% of registered computers are used as workstations, while only 27% are used as Web servers. Yet, Linux-based PCs still represent a significant minority when only a fraction of a percent of Internet surfers use it as their operating system."

The big inroads for Linux continue to be in the server market. IDC says that Linux controls 17% of the server market, compared to 36% for Windows NT. But Linux server usage more than doubled in 1998, while Windows NT's share remain steady when compared to the previous year

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