Web Exclusive Vendor Briefings, June 2006

Never Fear, Secure IM Is Here

IM has become a staple of daily personal communication and, increasingly, business communication. With this increase comes a new security concern: intrusion on communication channels such as voice or text chat. I recently spoke with Nicholas Yevglevski, director of North American operations for Famatech (http://www.famatech.com), about Famatech's secure IM solution, Radmin Communication Server. "With Radmin Communication Server," says Yevglevski, "all communication—voice and chat—between users is processed on your server, and all data streams are encrypted through Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)."

Radmin Communication Server takes up very little disk space; its server component uses 1.58MB, and its client component uses 1.65MB. One license for Radmin Communications Server connects 50 users and costs $175.
—Blake Eno

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