Web-Exclusive Vendor Briefings April 2006

Insights from the industry

Rockliffe Cuts Out the Middleware
Looking for wireless-push email functionality that works with nearly any cell phone? I spoke with John Davies, president and CEO of Rockliffe, about Rockliffe MailSite E-mail Server Software 7.0. The popular MailSite product (which took third place in our 2005 Readers' Choice awards Mail Server category) now features Short Message Service (SMS)-based wireless-push notification that doesn't rely on third-party middleware. John told me that the genesis for this new capability was his company's work with QUALCOMM and Intellisync on the Eudora2go email product, which launched on Verizon Wireless networks in March 2005.

MailSite 7.0 users can decide whether to enable wireless notification for their mailboxes and can receive notifications on most cell phones—not just smart phones. Messaging administrators can enable or disable the functionality for a site, then let users configure the feature. Administrators can also specify the list of available wireless carriers from which users can choose.
—Lisa Pere

DataVelocity Improves Project Proficiency
I recently spoke with Adam Warshaw, president of DataVelocity, about DataVelocity's project management tool, Erudition Portfolio. Portfolio, I learned, is different than most other project management tools. Adam told me, "Most project management software is task-oriented, but ours is resource-oriented." Portfolio tailors project views according to a particular user's role within the project and can make staffing recommendations per project by keeping track of user skill sets and workload.

Portfolio can also calculate precise deadlines by automatically adjusting timelines throughout the life of a project according to actual progress made, dependencies on other projects, and staff performance. Portfolio also works as a staff assessment tool and is especially valuable for performance reviews because it keeps a history of users' project work, including skill improvement and responsibility level.
—Blake Eno

Avidian Manages Contacts and Sales Opportunities Within Outlook
Wouldn’t it be practical to incorporate sales management software into Microsoft Outlook? Prophet 3.0 Standard by Avidian Technologies makes this integration possible. The product lets users track sales opportunities from Microsoft Outlook XP or Outlook 2000. Your company's sales force can use all the features of Outlook to create and manage sales-related data associated with their Outlook contacts without having to move between multiple applications. James Wong, president and CEO of Avidian, says, “We are enhancing your experience, not asking you to change it.” A 30-day risk-free trial is available. Pricing starts at $149.95.
—Blake Eno

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