Vizioncore Streamlines VMware

Are you managing a VMware deployment and finding gaps in functionality, particularly in the areas of backup and recovery, management, and migration? Vizioncore is seeing the same problems over and over again in VMware deployments and has developed a strong, strategic partnership with Vmware to fill those functionality gaps. We recently spoke with Chris Akerberg, vice president of global sales for Vizioncore, who told us how his company leverages the power of Linux to develop easy-to-use, intelligent software to enhance VMware and solve real-world problems.

Vizioncore develops four products that you can buy separately or bundled. The first, esxRanger Professional ($499 per CPU socket on the VMware host), provides VMware image backups, with nightly differentials and file-level restores with seamless Vmware consolidated backup (VCB) integration. The second, esxCharter ($299 per CPU socket on the VMware host), provides simple monitoring and management of the complete virtual environment, letting IT departments accurately and easily charge for resource utilization. The third, esxReplicator ($399 per virtual machine--VM), provides real-time replication of whole VM, allowing even the small-to-midsized business (SMB) market to have high-availability (HA) options And the fourth, esxMigrator ($1,000 for 25 VMs, $2,500 for 100 VMs, $7,500 for an unlimited enterprise license), fully automates and limits the downtime of VMware migrations from ESX 2.x to VI3. You can buy the first three components bundled for significant savings.

Vizioncore is currently devoted to enhancing the VMware experience, but it's not turning a blind eye to the other platform vendors. The company is watching the market closely.

--Jason Bovber

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