Visual InterDev 2.0 will feature WYSIWYG development

The next version of Visual InterDev, which is due to enter beta before mid-1998, will feature a WYSIWYG development environment similar to the one found in Visual Basic. The editor will include drag-and-drop features, an ASP scripting debugger, code-completion features for JavaScript and VBScript, and better support for data-bound HTML pages. It also includes better support for Oracle databases.

Visual InterDev 2.0 will be available in the Fall. It will also ship as part of the Visual Studio 98 suite--code-named "Aspen"--and feature the new user interface--code-named "Vegas"--that the rest of the applications in the suite will eventually use. Visual InterDev 2.0 will also include Front Page 98, and developers will be able to access all of FP98's features from the new Vegas shell.

Microsoft is also working on a post-Visual Studio 98 suite that is code-named "Ranier." This product will include support for COM+ and Windows NT 5.0

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