Visual Basic 5.0 Service Patch readied

Microsoft will post a Service Patch for Visual Basic 5, addressing user complaints that the product is unstable when working with multiple projects. The Service Patch will also include a new database grid control and remote access controls.

"There are definitely some issues, and we will issue a service patch in the next few weeks to address the most critical two or three of those, and some smaller issues like screen painting in certain sequences," said John Roskill, director of Visual Basic marketing. Roskill also wanted to calm fears that VB 5 was rushed to market.

"I want to emphasize the amount of testing we did. We definitely made an effort to synchronize our \[Visual Studio\] products, but VB 5.0 was complete in the third week of January, and it sat for about four weeks until mid- February. We just continued to do testing on common components in the suite, like shared controls between VB and VC++. We also we sat on everything this time and put out a consistent set of drivers across tools, so, for example, we released a single Oracle driver. "The majority of people are just really pumped about \[the\] functions and performance of VB 5.0 \[and not complaining about bugs\].

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