Visit Mars on the Internet

The Mars Pathfinder space probe is schedule to land on the planet Mars tomorrow, Friday, July 4th, and you can surf on over to the NASA Web site and watch it live. Well, sort of. What you'll be seeing is the scientists at NASA, not the space probe and there will be a ten minute delay in case a UFO shows up and the government needs to cover something up (that's a joke, guys). To view the findings of the space probe, you'll need to download Marimba's Castanet and subscribe to a new Pathfinder channel.

The NASA Web site will be providing streaming video and audio, but you'll need Windows 95 and a Java-enabled browser to see it (according to NASA, Java on the Macintosh is too slow, though Mac users will be able to hear live audio).

The exact landing won't be known until Friday so keep checking your local news or the NASA Web site for details. Or, just watch it on TV

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