Usrmgr Trick

In Reader to Reader: "Usrmgr Not Just for Domains" (August 2002,, InstantDoc ID 25549), Pico Nazzaro explains how to connect to User Manager for Domains on a local machine. In a large organization, opening User Manager for Domains and entering the machine name is time-consuming. A faster alternative is to open a command prompt and enter

usrmgr \\<machinename>

The same trick works for Server Manager for Domains. Open a command prompt and enter

srvmgr \\<machinename>

You can enter the target machine's name or IP address (if you don't know the machine name) for machinename. If you have multiple domains, open a command prompt and enter

srvmgr \<domainname>


usrmgr \<domainname>

This trick works on Windows XP Professional Edition, Windows 2000, and Windows NT systems.

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