Updated version of Office 2000 Developer will feature new tools

With the advent of Office 2000 Service Release 1a (SR1a), Microsoft will soon issue a new version of Office 2000 Developer Edition, dubbed Office 2000 Developer 1.5, which will feature new workflow and collaboration tools. An oddly-timed release, Office 2000 Developer 1.5 will integrate more closely with the next version of Exchange (Exchange 2000, due this month) and the previous version of SQL Server (7.0, even though SQL 2000 is due this July). With the new tools, developers can automate document routing and email notification for Exchange and SQL Server-based applications, while using a the friendly, visual environment with which Office users are familiar.

"Developers are increasingly asked to create solutions which allow better collaboration between knowledge workers," said Tod Nielsen, Microsoft's Platform Group VP. "The new tools in Office 2000 Developer version 1.5 will enable developers to more efficiently build these collaborative solutions and automate business processes. With tighter integration to Exchange and SQL data, these tools will enable developers to create solutions that make knowledge workers more productive."

Office 2000 Developer 1.5 includes the new Workflow Designer for SQL Server, Workflow Designer for Exchange 2000 Server, and the developer editions of Exchange 2000 Server and SQL Server 7.0. It also features versions of Office 2000 SR1a for the Premium and Developer editions of Office 2000. Office 2000 Developer 1.5 will ship in July. For more information about this product, please visit the Office Developer Web site

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