Twitter's Windows 8 App Gains Multiple Account Support

Twitter's Windows 8 App Gains Multiple Account Support

We ran a Windows IT Pro premiere subscription survey recently asking: "Which resources do you use to get technical information for your IT issues?" Surprisingly, Twitter ranked pretty high on a list of 10 resources we provided in the list. More shocking, though, is that LinkedIn (marketed by LinkedIn as a technical resource) was second to last. This shows that the public isn't fooled by LinkedIn's promotions and generally believe that the social resource is what we all think it is – just a job shop. We'll share the full survey results in the coming weeks, and the results may surprise you.

Since Twitter is considered by many of you as an IT resource, you'll be glad to know that Twitter has updated their own app for Windows 8 to provide access to multiple Twitter accounts. This is important because many IT folks manage their own personal Twitter account, but are also responsible for managing internal, IT-specific profiles for sending tweets about outage alerts or upgrade notifications. I've even seen where some IT-specific processes have been automated using System Center Operations Manager and System Center Orchestrator to distribute critical alerts to IT when a server or datacenter is down, or services are sitting in a hung state. In essence, Twitter is being used very similarly to what the old HP Insight Manager and pagers were used to accomplish just a few years ago.

Historically, Twitter doesn't do a great job producing a good client for their own service. Other app developers seem to do it much better. For example, I use Tweetro+ on Windows 8 and Rowi on Windows Phone 8 because Twitter's own app just wasn't up to par.

However, I may have to adjust my view. Twitter's Windows 8 client provides a very clean interface, and with the multiple account support now added in, I'm starting to really enjoy it.

To find the updated app, you can search the Windows store on your Windows 8 computers and devices, or just use the following link:


Twitter app for Windows in the Windows Store


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