Tweetium for Windows 8.1 Catchup

Tweetium for Windows 8.1 Catchup

If you’ve been following along here on Windows IT Pro, you might remember that I’ve been covering a Twitter client for Windows 8.1, called Tweetium. During my first foray using the app, I suggested that the app would one day be the best Twitter client available. At that time, I was running Tweetium and Tweetro+ side-by-side. Tweetium was a hopeful newcomer, but was limited in function so that I had to still use a second app to fulfill my Tweeting needs.

Then, as the month of January progressed and version 1.5 released, I wrote that the app was near perfect. And, it was. There were still a couple feature requests that I felt were needed for me to give it my full stamp of approval, but it had progressed enough that I felt comfortable removing other Twitter clients and using Tweetium as my sole Twitter app.

Now, we’re close to March, so it’s time for a check-in just to see if Tweetium is still providing everything I need, and if you, too, should consider dumping everything else for this app.

Since I last talked about Tweetium, it has had a full version update, sitting now at version 2.0 (actually, right now at 2.0.3). There have been numerous updates and each one has brought something extra special. The feature set is pretty much complete, so the updates coming now may seem minor, but they are extremely useful and valuable. The latest updates, in my opinion, are simply shining an already glowing surface. If development stopped right now, I’d be fine with it and never want for anything else. It’s that good.

Feel free to read my previous review of 1.5 to get a feel for what it already provides as a rich Twitter client, as I’m not going to rehash all of that here. Instead, I’ll give a review of what has been added since 1.5 that makes this app truly special and why I can deem it the perfect Twitter client. And, also why it may represent one of the more perfect apps available for Windows 8.1 across the entire landscape of Windows app store offerings.

In addition to what I covered in version 1.5, here’s a list of the little things added in 2.0 that make this a significantly important installation if you use Twitter every day. There have been some very minor, cosmetic changes like a new logo, new themes, better screen scaling for smaller devices (hint: smaller tablets), and lock screen support, and while those are neat, they are pretty rudimentary modifications. So, here’s a list of 2.0 features that provide those “small favors” that show how deeply dedicated the developer is to providing a stellar Twitter experience on Windows 8.1.

  • If you purchase the Pro version of Tweetium you can now utilize TweetMarker. TweetMarker is a timeline synchronization service that saves your reading spot across devices.
  • The Connect tab now captures your RTs, allowing you to know which of your Tweets were popular or who found them useful.
  • Jump to a user’s profile page in Tweetium and you can block them, unblock them, and also report them as spammers.
  • The image viewer is much enhanced. View the images inline, or tap an image to view it full size.
  • OneDrive and image support has been added.

The one piece still missing for me, but not all that critical, is toast notifications. The more I use Windows 8.1, the more I’ve started to rely on the live tiles to tell me when an app is updated. Toast notifications have become something of a nuisance at times, and I find myself ignoring them – a lot.  Still, to be a full-featured app, having toast notifications seems like that single missing piece, if for nothing more than to just be like every other app.

But, truly, Tweetium is unlike any other app. The interface is fluid and amazing, and it really makes the Twitter experience so much better. If you’re using any other Twitter client on Windows 8.1, you’re simply using the wrong app.

Tweetium is $2.99 in the Windows Store: Tweetium

Tweetium Pro is $4.99 for six months and is available as an in-app purchase


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