Tweetium will (eventually) be the Best Twitter Client for Windows 8

Tweetium will (eventually) be the Best Twitter Client for Windows 8


Over the holiday season I spent a lot of time with my Surface Pro at my side so I could quickly check email and peek into my Twitter feed. Acquiring the Manvex Leather Case helped as I could sit the device down confidently, trusting that the holiday festivities wouldn't damage it if I sat it down just anywhere. With a little down-time on my hands I was able to sift through the Windows Store periodically to locate new apps and apps that I had somehow missed being so busy last year.

As you might know, I'm a Twitter fiend. I invest a lot of time in the social network. Twitter is a better fit for me than any of the other social networks because it offers content I want, not (most times) irrelevant content pushed in my face on Facebook and others. Twitter works and thinks like me, too. I'm not a conversationalist, and I've generally always been a terse thinker, so 140 characters is perfect.

With that in mind, I'm always on the lookout for a better Twitter client for Windows 8. I've used my old standby, Tweetro+, for the longest time. It's full-featured, supports multiple accounts (which is requirement for me), and works perfectly with the built-in Windows 8 Share charm. But, performance can be an issue and the app can also be buggy at times. Still, it works most of the time, so I've just dealt with the issues.

A couple weeks back I was turned onto a new Twitter client for Windows 8 called Tweetium.

Tweetium is exactly what you would expect a good Twitter client to be for Windows 8. The layout is beautiful, intuitive and truly touch-worthy. And, the way the feed auto-updates makes Twitter fun again.

If you're used to using TweetDeck, Tweetium is very familiar. It's not a duplicate of TweetDeck, either, offering enhancements to work better with Windows 8's "mod" interface.

Tweetium offers features you would expect like, new posting, retweets and retweets with quotes, photo uploads, Twitter profile autocomplete, lists, user and tweet search, Search pinning, Live Tiles, and a DM box. And, it offers some features you won't find in other Twitter clients for Windows 8 like multi-window support and color scheme customization with roaming support.

Though released to the Windows Store, Tweetium is still a sort of beta product. Not "beta" in that there are bugs and issues, but only that it doesn't completely fill my requirements. It currently does not work with the Windows 8 Share charm and it does not support multiple Twitter accounts. These are huge detractors for me, so I am currently keeping and using Tweetro+ alongside Tweetium. Personally, I prefer Tweetium and it's my goto Twitter client, but I need Tweetro+ for multiple account support and being able to utilize the Windows 8 Share charm.

A Twitter conversation with Tweetium's author (@TweetiumWindows) revealed that my feature requirements are top on the list of coming additions. I can't wait.

Tweetium is available from the Windows Store for $2.99. Compared to the $9.99 of Tweetro+ and that's quite a deal, even if we have to wait for the other sought-after features.

You can get it by searching the Windows Store for 'Tweetium' or use this link:  Tweetium in the Windows Store

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