Trustwave Adds Credential Management To Its Portfolio

In one of the firsts acquisitions of the year Trustwave announced that it purchased Creduware, maker of credential management solutions.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed, however Trustwave did say that it intends to integrate Creduware's solutions into its own solutions to offer two products: Trustwave Certificate Lifecycle Manager (CLM) and Trustwave Application Password Manager (APM). CLM will automate digital certificate renewal and installation, and APM will automate password policy and implement policy-based application monitoring.

Both solutions will help companies come into compliance with credit card industry's PCI DSS security standard. In particular, the solutions help companies comply with sections 7 and 8 of the standard. Among other things, the sections require that companies restrict access to resources and information only to those individuals whose job requires such access; and they help assign a unique ID to each person with access to cardholder information.

TAGS: Security
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