Troubleshooting the AT Command

I have a strange problem with the Windows NT AT command. The command worked until I loaded Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 on my NT server. Now the command won't run at all. What happened?

I don't know of any incompatibilities between SQL Server and the AT scheduling service, but my guess is that SQL Server installed a task scheduler that replaced the default NT Schedule service. Open the Control Panel Services applet. If you can't find the Schedule service and instead see the SQL Server scheduling service, this switch is the culprit.

The easiest and safest solution is to use the Control Panel Add/Remove Programs applet to remove the new scheduler. Sometimes, though, this action won't restore the NT Schedule service. In that case, you need to follow a more volatile solution: Edit the registry.

First, cross your fingers and be sure to update your Emergency Repair Disk (ERD) before you start tweaking. Then, go to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Schedule subkey and change the ErrorControl, ImagePath, ObjectName, and Start values as Table 1, page 96, specifies. (Leave any other existing values alone.)

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