Totally convert Internet Explorer!

Thanks to Hank Barber for the tip: In what can only be described as an excellent follow-up to yesterday's story about LiteStep, the Windows shell replacement, today we bring you NeoPlanet, the Internet Explorer total conversion. As long as you're running IE 3.02 or higher, you can use the IE-based NeoPlanet as your Web browser, but still retain your usual IE browser as well. It's a painless way to use a futuristic-looking browser with IE functionality. It even comes with its own integrated Email client and a "What's related" button similar to Netscape Communicator 4.5. Very nice.

If I had a complaint it would only be that the browser is so obviously tied to and there's no way to easily change that. Still, it's an incredible program and definitely worth trying.

Check it out today at the NeoPlanet Web site

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