Top Tech Tweets for July

The latest technology news from the Twittersphere

For many of us (myself included), Twitter has quickly become the "go to" place for insightful and witty tweets about all of the latest in the tech world. I've compiled a number of tweets from the last few weeks that sum up what I saw as some of the more interesting news of late.

Rumors Spread About PlayBook Discontinuing

BGR (Boy Genius Report): RIM to discontinue BlackBerry PlayBook?

BlackBerry (Research in Motion): @BGR Pure fiction. No plan to discontinue. In fact, WiFi PlayBook is launching in new countries practically every week.

Mac OS X Lion "Roars" on the Scene

joetusin (Joe Tusin): Lion set free; Apple Mac OS X 10.7 love/hate review @ComputerWorld 

BrentO (Brent Ozar): OS X Lion is wearing me down. I find myself flipping my finger up & down on the mouse guessing which way to scroll. No clue.

gujord (Roger Gujord): Installed Mac OS X 10.7 "Lion". QuickTime 7 Pro is not supported in Lion :-( Any good alternatives?

Edbott (Ed Bott): If you used "Lion roars" in your hed today, you earn a week's detention in Lazy Headline Writer's Jail.

Google+ Spreads like Wildfire, Businesses Get Anxious

TheNextWeb: Google+ for Businesses beta open to "EVERYONE" much sooner than expected by @jfalconer on @TNWgoogle

WSJBusiness: Google+ Grabs 20 Million Users 

LinkedIn "Spam" Drives Users Nuts

richi (Richi Jennings): Could spam sink LinkedIn? Yes! @Richi's Rant for @Computerworld

Jsjxyz (Jerry S. Justianto): Just marking all "Linkedin Connections" email as SPAM in Gmail.

Kylotan (Ben Sizer): Unemployed people should copy my LinkedIn profile. I get as many unsolicited recruiter contacts as spam emails these days.

And Many More Tech Updates

AngryPets (Michael K. Campbell): Wow. Killer. I just switched a CLR assembly from .NET 2.0 to .NET 4.0 in Denali CTP3 without it missing a beat.

danholme (Dan Holme): AvePoint Introduces New Features for #SharePoint Management, Protection & Custom Applications with DocAve v5.7 

mminasi (Mark Minasi): Always knew I'd live to see the first manned US space flight. Never imagined I'd live to see the last.

kbriankelley (Brian Kelley): Mobile devices and the enterprise - Seeing too often where security is being neglected for ease of use

DrRez: Lync Adoption and Training Kit Released to the Web #ocs #ucoms #lync

What have your favorite tweets been? Post them in the comments or send them to me on Twitter.

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