Top 10 cool new features of Windows 2000

The following David Letterman-style "Top 10" list comes to us courtesy of Microsoft's New York office...

10. DVD support - Auto-play, DVD movies on laptops

9. Multi-monitor support - Up to 10 video cards/monitors, each with different resolutions and color depths if desired.

8. Accessibility - Accessibility Wizard, new or improved accessibility features such as narrator, on-screen keyboard, magnifier, and the familiar tools from Windows 98.

7. Move files without wires - Infrared monitor service supports IRDA for file transfer between Windows 2000 machines and digital cameras, digital video cameras, and other devices.

6. Effortless device installation - New technology such as USB and IEEE 1394 "Firewire" makes Windows 2000 more expandable with fewer Problems.

5. Plug & Play - Hot dock laptops, on-the-fly networking and other features are implemented without requiring rebooting or manual configuration.

4. Internet Connection Sharing - NAT, addressing, name resolution, and Virtual Private Networking (VPN).

3. Smart cards - Makes network logons more secure with minimal cost.

2. IntelliMirror -- A loosely-defined group of technologies that supports mobile users, auto rebuild of machines, and other features.

1. Support for your devices - Windows 2000 supports over 4000 printers, 700 network devices, 4200 modems, 55 scanners, 50 cameras, and a vast array of other hardware devices

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