Tonight on Paul TV

I made my first public appearance as "computer expert" on the local ABC affiliate last night, explaining why an Albuquerque man had stolen over $1 million worth of microprocessors from Intel plants in New Mexico and Arizona. The man was arrested this week in Chandler, a Phoenix suburb, and my segment actually led the 5 o'clock news. When I told Stephanie I was going to be on TV, she assumed the show was "Cops" and cautioned me to leave my shirt on, lest I become the nightly whipping boy. No such luck: Most of what I said was simply handed over to one of the station's talking heads. But I got a few good moments of airtime, so what the heck.


I'm going to be in New York City for three days for PC Expo later this month, so Keith Furman has foolishly offered to convert this news segment into some type of streaming video that is suitable for the Web. I'm sure it will be riveting for everyone. Or something.


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