Tomorrow: Linux vs. NT counterpoint

I corresponded a bit today with Samba's Jeremy Allison, who participated in PC Week's evaluation of Windows NT and Linux. Jeremy has some corrections and other information about last week's WinInfo article, "PC Week, PC Magazine corroborate Mindcraft NT/Linux study," which I feel are particularly noteworthy. I look forward to presenting his counterpoint tomorrow in WinInfo.

Incidentally, this particular WinInfo article found its way to Linux Today, an excellent source of news for Linux users that is updated constantly. As many of you know, I try to keep an eye on the non-Windows world (generally, Linux, Solaris, and Mac for the most part) and Linux Today is one of those sites I do visit daily. The email I've received because of this posting has been more professional and less reactionary than email I've received in the past from visitors to "slashdot," another Linux site that has linked to WinInfo articles. I would like thank Linux Today and its readers for handling themselves so well: It's appreciated.


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