Tip: Other NT/95 integration ideas

And while we're on the subject of Windows NT 4.0/Windows 95 integration, WinInfo subscriber Fabian Nappenbach wrote in with some other interesting ideas:


I use the new version of Tweak UI to share the Start menu, the Desktop folder, the Favorites and so on \[between the two OSes\]. The best way is to create a new Folder (e.g. "System"). Copy your Win95 Desktop Folder/ Startmenu etc. to this new folder. Open Tweak UI and go to "General". Under "Special Folders," change the location of the folders to your new \System\Foldername location. Boot NT and do the same there. With this personal System folder you're also best prepared for a completely new installation (e.g. OSR2): just delete your old OS--your personal settings will not be affected. Now you can have one Desktop setup for both, which is especially cool if you often store files on your desktop. NT-specific files and shortcuts are best placed in the "alluser" Profile, so you can use them only with NT. Tweak UI also offers a nice method of using you IE3 favorites. Copy the Favorites folder in you Startmenu folder - tell your system about it with Tweak UI (see above). Now you can access your Favorites with the Start Button. This same method works nicely with your "My Documents" folder too.


Most impressive. Again, thanks.


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