Time Warner and Walt Disney choose IE 4.0

Two of the largest media empires in the world--Time Warner and Walt Disney Company--have chosen Microsoft's Internet Explorer 4.0 browser over Netscape Navigator, citing technological superiority. Microsoft is touting this as a coup, and interestingly, the two companies agree with the Redmond software giant.

Disney, for example, is using a specially customized version of IE 4.0 to offer subscription-based services to its customers. Disney says that the customizability of IE 4.0 won them over.

"We chose IE because it gave us more flexibility in the ways we can customize it to create a unique and special Disney experience," said a Disney spokesperson.

Time Warner, meanwhile, has launched a multimedia "Entertaindom" that requires IE 4.0 as well. Time Warner also offers an extensive IE 4.0 Channel that makes heavy use of Dynamic HTML.

"With IE 4.0's capabilities, we can add a new range of animation, sound, and interaction to give our online visitors an entertaining Internet experience consistent with the entertainment value consumers have come to expect from Warner Brothers," said Jim Moloshok, senior vice president of Warner Brothers Online.

These deals rub some people the wrong way, however. Consumer activist and Microsoft foe Ralph Nader says, "the juggernaut moves on. It's the octopus connecting its tentacles with other concentrated media companies and squeezing out others \[like Netscape\]."

As for Netscape, the company claims to have strong ties to both Time Warner and Disney.

"We absolutely have a very strong relationship with both companies," said Jerell Jimerson, director of online content services at Netscape. "We drive a tremendous amount of traffic to their home page\[s\].

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