Third and Final Beta of Microsoft Message Analyzer Gets a Beta Refresh

Third and Final Beta of Microsoft Message Analyzer Gets a Beta Refresh

If you've been testing Microsoft's Message Analyzer that released to Beta 3 (build 6211) on June 21, 2013, it has been updated to Build 6215. On June 21, Microsoft suggested that Beta 3 was the final version before release, and while that's technically true since they didn't change the designation, the beta refresh kind of puts it at Beta 4.

You can download the refresh from the Microsoft Connect site here:

The Beta 3 refresh adds some improvements and additional support for Windows 8.1. Here's what's included in the refresh:

  • Multiple Instances Improvements– While it worked in the past, there were some issues when running multiple instances of Message Analyzer that might cause crashes and data inconsistencies. So now we have made some changes to be handle issues for data that is shared between instances.
  • WPP ETW Improvements– With Beta3 we introduced the ability to parse WPP logs, but it required you to have debug PDB files in order to resolve symbol information. Now we also support TMFs which is an alternate and popular format for storing the symbol information need to decode WPP based ETL logs.
  • USB Parsers for Windows 8.1– Updates have been made to support new USB components specific to Windows 8.1.

What is Microsoft Messaging Analyzer?

Announced at SNIA SDC 2012 conference in Santa Clara, CA in September 2012, Messaging Analyzer is the replacement for Microsoft Network Monitor. Messaging Analyzer was originally targeted for a mid-2013 final release, but that date has slipped a bit.


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