TechNet Edge Show App for Windows 8

TechNet Edge Show App for Windows 8

I spend a good amount of time watching (or listening) to various video podcasts while working. While I'm deep into whatever I'm doing on my main desktop setup, I have my Surface Pro propped up, sitting close at hand, usually playing something educational. I attempt to find something to "feed my brain" every day. It's easy to get caught up in work matters and lose valuable time that could be used to enhance knowledge or expand into other areas. I have several Windows 8 apps to accomplish this (which I may share later on in another post), but Microsoft recently released one that I just, today, added to my Windows 8 app library.

TechNet Edge is a popular Microsoft property that brings insight and interviews around current products and upcoming releases, but it's been a web-only property for a long while. So, it's great to see that Microsoft has released a Windows 8 app that brings TechNet Edge videos your Windows 8 devices. Not only does it allow streaming of the videos, but it also provides the ability to allow downloading of the videos so you can watch them offline. This is makes for a great opportunity to catch up on Microsoft news on a plane ride, in a hotel room, or even in the comfort of the couch or bed.

To get it in the Microsoft store just search for "TechNet Edge Show," or use the following link to take a peek on the web: TechNet Edge Show in the Windows Store


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