TechEd 2011: Left Behind, The Rapture

Last year during TechEd, several other editors and I werestranded in the office while the rest of the world partied in New Orleans. This year, it's the same scene, only in Atlanta. And you can be sure they're doing absolutely nothing but having fun, as evidenced by the pictures we've seen. Meanwhile, we, the left-behind, are overburdened with to-do lists, picking up the slack for the missing.

Let me walk you through one bone-chilling day back here in the office.


Customer service "slides" into depression from the sudden influx of calls, since nothing is getting done.


Staff are stuck on these machines 24/7 just to keep the lights on.


Editor B. K. Winstead works tirelessly solving technical puzzles while it's quiet with the rest of the editorial staff away.


Our sales department is out desperately trying to "shore up" new customers.


And the rest of us are doing what we can to stay warm after they turned off the heat.


We've even had to put the dogs to work!

As you can see, this year's TechEd blues are a bit sunnier, in Windows IT Pro's beautiful new office in Fort Collins. So, while we wish all our hard-working co-workers well, we're doing just fine here, thank you!

Below are some photos from TechEd 2011, in case you, like us, are missing the festivities.

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