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Tablets in the Office: What's Your Take? - 06 Dec 2011

Tablets have been a hot topic in the news these days, from the iPad's dominance of the tablet market to the recent surge of interest in (and impressive sales for) the new Amazon Kindle Fire. I recently purchased a Kindle Fire for my own use, and I should have more thoughts to share on my experience with the device soon. (In the interim check out Paul Thurrott's review of the Kindle Fire.)

All of this naturally leads to a discussion about whether Windows IT Pro readers are adopting tablets for personal use and/or office duty. We recently launched an online survey about tablet usage, and some of the early feedback (based on more than 100 responses) is that many IT professionals are already adopting and supporting tablets in the workplace.



While the results of this survey are interesting so far, I'd love to hear directly from IT professionals about what tablets your company is adopting, and why they're adopting them. It's a well-documented fact that the iPad has started to find its way into the workplace, including a commanding position as the tablet of choice for the healthcare industry. Windows 8 tablets will join the Kindle Fire and iPad in late 2012, and will surely help drive even more tablets into small businesses and enterprises everywhere.

So what is your organization currently doing with tablets? Are you evaluating them as part of a test period, or are you and your co-workers already using tablets to get your daily business done? Add a comment to this blog post, take a few minutes to complete our tablet survey (and get a chance to win a $200 pre-paid VISA card), or start up a discussion about tablets in the workplace on Twitter.

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