Sun unleashes Java 2

Sun Microsystems officially unveiled its Java Development Kit (JDK) 1.2 Tuesday at the Java Business Expo in New York, the cornerstone of its new "Java 2 platform." Additionally, Sun finally opened Java up, offering a new Sun Community Source License for the language which removes most of the old licensing restrictions. And in the future, all new Java APIs will be audited and certified by a third party.

"It's stable, it's secure, its performance is up, it's interoperable, and it's compatible with past JDKs and all major operating systems," says Sun's Gina Centoni, director of product marketing for the Java platform, in a perfectly-formed marketing blurb.

Java 2/JDK 1.2 is a complete re-writing of Java from the ground up, featuring a new virtual machine, new JFC class libraries, a new security model, and more consistent cross-platform features.

"There is only one Java," said Sun COO Ed Zander. "There will always be only one Java."

For more information about Java 2, please visit the Java Web site

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