Sun sues get its Java in Windows 98

Sun Microsystems filed two motions with the U.S. District Court in San Jose, California on Tuesday, attempting to force Microsoft to include its version of Java with Windows 98. Sun argues that because Windows 98 is such a massively distributed product, the failure to include Sun's version of Java would be damaging to the company. Sun is seeking to have Microsoft bundle both the Sun and Microsoft implementations of Java in both Windows 98 and Visual J++ 6.0, Microsoft's Java development tool.

Microsoft was understandably upset about the filings.

"Sun has known about our Java strategy and Windows 98 for a long time now," said Tod Nielsen, Microsoft's general manager of developer relations. "Why are they doing this three days before it is due to ship? What is so special about May 12, 1998? Why not do something six months ago?" Nielson called Sun's ploy a "publicity stunt" while referring to as the most ridiculous Web site on the Net. Microsoft did end speculation that Sun was trying to stop the shipment of Windows 98, however.

"They are not trying to stop us from shipping our product, but they want to get involved in designing Microsoft's product," said Tom Burt, Microsoft's associate general counsel.

Windows 98 is expected to be finished and sent to hardware manufacturers by Friday

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